Favorable policies stimulate the logistics industry to usher in spring


Stimulated by the good news, the logistics sector strengthened collectively yesterday. XX's shares soared sharply during the session, with an increase of about 8%, still rising 5.20% at the close, and XX International and XX both rose more than 4%.

When Premier Wen Jiabao visited Shaanxi, he pointed out that effective measures should be taken to revitalize the logistics industry. Measures to revitalize the logistics industry should not only be introduced quickly, but also be implemented.

Xun Jian, an analyst at XX, pointed out that the recently issued eight articles on the development of the logistics industry will solve the problems related to the long-term development of the industry, such as "different taxes in the same industry" and "repeated taxes" from the two aspects of taxes and tax base, bring substantial benefits to listed companies engaged in warehousing, freight forwarding and loading and unloading operations, and recommend China reserve shares with more land resources.

Qian liefei, an analyst at XX, believes that we can pay attention to "capacity expansion" logistics companies in the future, including horizontal and vertical ways. Horizontal expansion is mainly reflected in the release of existing business capacity (such as XX, XX, etc.), including the replication of business models across industries and regions (such as XX, XX, etc.); Vertical expansion is reflected in providing more value-added services, extending the service chain, enhancing customer viscosity and improving profitability. Its core competitiveness is reflected in the reform and innovation of service mode (such as XX, XX, etc.).